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Advanced Standing


July 1, 2019


July 29, 2019


January 13, 2020

Applicants who have earned a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree within the past five years from a Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredited program may be granted Advanced Standing, enabling them to qualify for a MSW in three semesters of full-time study.


  • Cumulative GPA of 3.3 or better on a 4.0 point scale
  • 3.0 GPA in all undergraduate substantive courses
  • At least a B+ average in their field practicum
  • Final Field Evaluation from BSW to TSSW Field Placement Office
  • BSW awarded in the last five years

Additional Information Required for Admission

In addition to submitting an online application for admission to the Online MSW Advanced Standing program applicants must also submit the following documents or information:

Applicants are required to submit a typewritten essay covering the material below.

  1. The origin and development of their interest in social work as a professional, including any significant influences or experiences.
  2. What personal qualifications they bring to the classroom and social work practice. Any limitations that might affect their ability to practice social work.
  3. Discuss the way in which they have handled a social experience or personal situation that has had a significant emotional impact on you. How did this experience contribute to their knowledge of themselves and others?
  4. Discuss their experience working with multicultural populations other than their own identified race, religion or background.

It should be similar in structure to one the applicant would submit for employment.

One copy of the official transcript from each college/university attended. Transcript(s) must be in sealed envelopes with the registrar's signature across the seal.

Two (2) letters of reference/recommendation are required. The applicant should select three individuals who know him or her well and have agreed to write a reference/recommendation for the applicant. If the applicant is presently working or has been engaged in volunteer work in human services, one letter should be submitted by the applicant’s supervisor or employer. If the applicant is currently a student, two (2) letters should be submitted by a faculty advisor or professor in the applicant’s major area.

Field Placement Requirement

The minimum number of field placement hours required per semester is:

  • 316 hours or roughly 24 hours per week, for full-time students
  • 158 hours or roughly 12 hours per week, for part-time students

Typical Time Commitment Breakdown

Prospective students can also view a typical breakdown of how they can expect to dedicate their time to the program each week.

Coursework Schedule:

Semester 1: 15 Credits

Course Number Course Title Credits

SOWK 7220

Theories of Human Behavior Across the Life Course II


SOWK 7230

Community Organizing and Policy Advocacy: Theories and Practice


SOWK 7320

Social Work Practice with Individuals, Families and Groups


SOWK 7420

Program Evaluation


SOWK 7520

Field Practicum and Seminar 1


Semester 2: 16 Credits

Course Number Course Title Credits

SOWK 7330

Advanced Clinical-Community Practice


SOWK 7430

Data Analysis and Interpretation


SOWK 7530

Field Practicum and Seminar 2



SW Elective


Semester 3: 13 Credits

Course Number Course Title Credits

SOWK 7440

Capstone Seminar


SOWK 7480

Field Practicum and Seminar 3



SW Elective



SW Elective


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