Diversity and Social Justice: Theory and Practice

September 8, 2022

2 Credits – Course Number 7130

This course addresses concerns about social justice and populations-at-risk. A clinical-community approach is used to teach foundational concepts, theories, and topics related to human diversity, oppression and social justice. The meta-emotional themes of Connection/Disconnection, Power/Diminishment, Purpose/Invisibility, provide a relationship-centered framework to understand diversity and social justice for social work practice. The course structure consists of small class sections designed to support a psychologically safe environment for students to learn the skills necessary for having ‘tough conversations’ related to diversity and social justice. These discussions – led by two faculty from diverse social groups – center on issues related to age, social class, culture, ethnicity, race, gender, gender orientation, and disabilities. A strengths perspective is used to understand how different social behaviors and policies support and/or oppress individuals, families, groups, and communities. Student Learning Partners are used throughout the course to provide opportunities to understand our unique cultural selves and appreciate difference and diversity in others.