How will I find my field placement?

September 7, 2022

The placement team will assist our students in selecting their field placement based on their interests, prior experience and expectations, and geographic location, striving to provide placements that will broaden students’ educational and life experiences. Placement sites will include social-service agencies, government entities, schools, hospitals, and businesses. The placement team will consider all of a student’s recommended sites and preferred settings. Every site will be thoroughly assessed to meet Tulane School of Social Work’s field education requirements. The site must have the capacity to accept a student intern, identify a qualified MSW field instructor who is licensed and has at least 2 years of clinical experience willing to supervise a student intern, provide the required learning objectives, and enter into a contract with Tulane University. While we strive to provide students with their most desired placement, there is no guarantee that the student can be placed at his or her preferred site or setting. The placement team will match students with sites that will provide them the experiences to develop their professional social work skills.